Thursday, May 26, 2011

the future looks bright

My friend Melanie just had a baby. In thinking about the perfect gift for sweet little Morgan I came up with the BEST idea. I contacted her photographer, who I just happen to know, (Jodie and Kim of Fresh Art Photography) and asked them to help me. This is what they came up with:

Melanie is a HUGE baseball fan. Well, actually she is a HUGE Cardinals fan. We have quite the little rivalry going. I took this opportunity to show the sweeter side of the Cubs.

All I had to do was hand off the jersey to Jodie - then I asked her to be creative. She and Kim came up with the whole concept. Secretly- with out Melanie knowing! They are AMAZING photographers!

When I gave Mel the gift at lunch today she laughed so hard I think she was crying.

I love giving the perfect gift!

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Laughing hysterically!!! You are too funny!! That sweet boy makes even a Cubs photo look beautiful! :)

Paparazzimommy_Dayna said...

this hysterical!!